Getting to the Knob of it

Plastic Grocery bags as trash can liners:

I use grocery bags for a multitude of purposes trying to reuse, repurpose, recycle use for an item many cities are banning due to the lack of reuse.  Grocery bags are often suggested to use in place of trash can liners to meet a repurposing objective.  I agree they should be multi-used but found them falling into the trash can, with minimal weight, to be extremely messy, inconvenient, and discouraged the reuse of grocery bags.  Enter the round knob to get to the nub of the issue.

A cost-effective modification to your trash can, around $4.00, will allow you to line the can with a normal trash can liner and use the grocery bag as your primary trash bag.  This allows savings in the use use of expensive trash can liners.  By placing a round knob on each side of the trash can be centered approximately 3” down from the trash can lip the grocery bag’s handles can be looped over the knob keeping the bag safely in place.

The supplies needed for the trash can is 2 round knobs, 4 fender washers 3/16” hole, 2 #8-32 1” long screws (usually provided with the knob purchase).


After locating the proper location on the trash can, use a 3/16” drill bit and drill a hole in the trash can.  Use the screw with a fender washer installed on it and install it through the hole from the interior side of the trash can,  put another fender washer on the screw and then screw the knob securely in place.  Once you have both knobs securely in place, you can now use your grocery bags as your trash can liners without worrying about them slipping into the can and becoming another piece of garbage.

Another use for cabinet knobs is for a closet organization:

I was adding shelving and shoe cubbies to my closet and found the need for more organization to hang odd clothing items and accessories on my wife’s side of the closet.  Regular coat hangers were not an option due to their unattractiveness and lack of being compact.  A paradigm shift was needed to make an aesthetically pleasing hanging nub for things such as purses, scarves, bras, or whatever else one may need to hang in a closet.  I found a regular cabinet pull had enough room away from the wall and allowed for hanging items out of the way on the backside of the closet.  The cleat of the closet shelving made for a perfect base.

To use a cabinet knob for this hanging point, an installation method is needed.  Cabinet knobs are usually installed with a machine screw of varying lengths based on the cabinet installation need.  These screws are a #8-32 screw.  To install the knob into wood a #8-32 machine screw/wood screw combo is needed.  These can be found at a home improvement store.  Once you install the combo into the knob, the knob can be installed in the shelf cleat after pre-drilling a guide hole.

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