Food in the San Luis Obispo Area

On this trip, we went to a few farmer’s markets. We also went to the Old West Cinnamon Roll for cinnamon rolls at Pismo Beach. They are the best, we would always stop by when we lived here. The picture above is fresh berries and oranges we picked up at the farmer’s market. We reheated the rolls each morning in the oven with our percolated coffee and fresh fruit. Delicious!


The SLO farmer’s market was very busy on Thursday. We were so weighed down by what we bought that we had to leave early. We bought carrots, spinach, oranges, and berries. I cooked the spinach the next day with just butter and salt. Lexi added to the ambiance of the meal with a scowl and the statement, “I don’t want any spinach”. I told Lexi it was from the market and then after she gave it a try was selling it to Gerald about how good it was, and how he has to try it. On a side note, wilted spinach is my favorite and I should have just eaten it and never said a word to the now converted spinach lovers.


I thought the farmer’s market would suffice for the trip, but I needed more. I had to go to the farms that provided all this good stuff. It was apple harvest time so we went to the orchards. The road to the orchard was a 5-mile narrow winding road. This was going to be an earned visit.


Before I begin, you have to visualize that it took 10 times reversing and pulling forward to just get the F-250 out of the parking spot in downtown SLO. It was like a moray eel trying to wiggle out of its cave. A slow and long process. 

Now we were on a winding road, along a creek, and crossing bridges that only allow one car at a time to cross. Cars continuously came the other way around the mountainous bends. The only time we screamed was when we were facing our equal match, another F-250 coming the other way. I thought the tow mirrors were going to have a kissing moment, but we made it through. Of course, the mailman was also delivering the mail with his truck parked on the side. They say that mailmen have an easy job. I can tell you that mailman has the most treacherous route.


It was all worth it in the end. The cider was probably the best I have ever tasted. I am not a cider lover at all until we lived in the Central Coast. Lexi was asking about it and I told her my traditional, I don’t want to share  statement, “You won’t like it.” She is learning that means you really want to try it. I think she figured this out a long time ago at See’s candies. The apples were so good and sweet it did taste like candy. Anyway, we did that trip again because I needed more cider.

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