Avila Beach

Originally posted October 2010

We were sitting at Joe Momma’s Coffee house that overlooks Avila beach and the worker said to another patron that “life is always good at Avila Beach”. We thought he couldn’t be more right with that statement! So far, we have biked to the beach every day with Max. We love the Bob Jones Bike path. It is paved and meanders by the creek and apple orchards. It is about 2 miles to the beach but it doesn’t feel like it. Max sleeps very well at night and is behaving like one of the Dog Whisperers’ followers. It must be the beach air and his daily 5-mile run.


Our schedule has been pretty laid back. Every day we goto the Avila Valley Barn. The barn is across the street from the KOA. Lexi feeds all of the animals and we get fresh fruits and veggies for the day. We make fun of Lexi that the animals will starve if she doesn’t stop by for the day.


We did goto Ciopinot for a fabulous meal. Lexi loves this restaurant and immediately requested crab and the chocolate mousse. The crab was not available(our wallet was relieved). She did get the chocolate mousse all to herself and only let Gerald have a little bite. Gerald and I enjoyed everything and went home so happy but miserably full.


Lexi and I took the truck to the beach and to the pier. Of course, in our haste to leave, we forgot the camera. The tide was out and we were able to walk to the cliffs. A family was walking the other way and asked if we had found any sand dollars. In all my time on the beach, I have never found a complete unbroken sand dollar. I want you to know this was a quest of mine. We said no and they gave us a perfect sand dollar! They said they had already found three and we could have one. Wow! Lexi was happy and I was shocked.

Lexi and I walked the 100-year-old pier to the Old Porte Inn. I was not driving on it in the big truck. We checked out the prices for the fresh seafood and of course watched the sea lions sunbathing. There is this sign that cautions people that the sea lions bite and aren’t friendly. 

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